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From Underdog to ROTY. We caught Rosie Deegan's story before she headed back to North Carolina for her Sophomore year with Davidson Women's Basketball. In this episode, Rosie spoke about her junior basketball career / Bronze medal at Youth Olympics / advice for the next generation players / + more.

Everyone has enjoyed watching the league’s MVP lead his team to the playoffs, hit game winners and bring home the hardware. Yet we've all remained wondering how he does it, what drives him and how he got to the biggest stage here in Australia. Bryce Cotton is a killer with white line fever on the court, but off the court he's quiet, low key and remains super humble. In our newest PLUTO episode, we take you deep into the life of Bryce Cotton bringing you the untold stories and events of his early life.

The team at PLUTO recently got together to use creativity and visuals to open discussion an all important issue, racism. Our team stand up and united in our voice against racism. We are now in 2021, and these acts of racism around the need to stop. Our platform was created to share stories for the first time, or better than they have been told before. Boring, traditional media is now in the past.

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